Get Involved

Want to lend a helping hand? That would be greatly appreciated!  Here are ways to get involved:

  • Encourage neighbors and friends in your social networks to sign up.
  • Organize or help with a local event.
  • If you know local business owners, encourage them to get involved by offering a deal, sponsoring a local event and contributing giveaway prizes.
  • If you like taking photos, snap photos at group events to help showcase the fun and community interaction.
  • If you like writing, create informative posts for NextDoor and Facebook. Create example posts for others who might struggle to find the right words.
  • If you are an expert using your fitness tracker (i.e. Apple watch, FitBit, etc) then volunteer to help others use their trackers and participate in group exercise contests.
  • If you are an expert at some form of exercise or stretching, let’s discuss how you might offer a class or virtual instruction for participants.
  • If you are an expert walking in our area, suggest a great walking map, distance and difficulty. We may use it for a local event

If any of these items strike your fancy, or you have a different idea, then click the button below. We’ll reply within a business day to discuss your involvement.