Frequently Asked Questions

For many years, the United Way of Brevard has organized a healthy competition among town and city residents (municipalities) in Brevard. Health First is the premier sponsor of the event. Leaders from each municipality will recruit residents (and friends) to form a community team. All participants have to do is sign up, start moving and track your minutes. 

There are three volunteers leading the way: Susan Day Belcher, Mark McDermott and Loren Strand. You may contact them through this web form, email or call Loren at 321-477-1225.

The winning team will be determined by the total number of minutes exercised by the members of each team on a percentage basis. Therefore, smaller towns in Brevard are on equal footing with larger cities. The more people on your team who regularly log their hours will make you competitive. The municipality with the most points will win the challenger trophy, “Most Fit City 2022.”

The 2022 fitness challenge lasts eight weeks starting January 29 at a kick-off event and ending March 26. Of course, friendships made during this time can last a lifetime.

There is no fee. We encourage everyone to invite their family, friends and co-workers to join in the fun and become more active.

No. The activities are fun, friendly, and low-key.Open to all age groups. If you already exercise on your own, still join. Your regular exercise minutes count towards our team’s score.

First, sign up at as well to allow communications from Team Indialantic. Second, registrations for the Mayors’ Fitness Challenge and Great Weight Off are submitted online at

Yes. Because the focus is on living a healthier and happier life, anyone may join Team Indialantic here. Plus, they will sign up like anyone else. On the United Way’s form, they will choose “Indialantic” as their municipality. Friends and family who join will log their hours and report weekly too – and that contributes to our team’s score.

Awesome, please join Team Indialantic because all your exercise minutes count towards our team’s score. You may log your dog walks, time in the gym, regular exercise routines, yoga and dance classes and more. Plus, as someone who already exercises you may inspire others to become healthier.  Leading by example is wonderful!

Awesome, please join Team Indialantic because we’ll encourage you to exercise and offer local events to have fun and meet neighbors. Folks of all exercise levels are welcome.

You may continue your individual exercise program, if you have one. You may walk, run, bike, swim or participate in their favorite games or sports together. Join a local event with your neighbors. During this 8-week competition, we encourage you to track all minutes spent doing any physical exercise to give their team the best chance at winning.

You will receive a link to record your minutes online each Friday. We’ll send you an email reminder to make it easy. The link will expire the following Wednesday. If you do not reply before the link expires, your exercise minutes will not count toward your team total that week. If you struggle with technology, are sight-impaired or desire assistance logging your hours, contact us and a team leader will assist you.

Minutes spent exercising will be reported on an honor system. This is a friendly competition between municipalities and we encourage members of our community to be honest about their achievements.

Yes. We encourage all members of the team to attend.

This portion of the Mayors’ Fitness Challenge is an individual weight loss competition among adults 18 and over. Registration is free. All participants must be weighed in at a participating Health First Facility during the two weeks before the challenge (January 16 – 28) and weigh in again during the last two weeks of the challenge (March 13 – 26). Calculations to determine the winner of the weight loss competition will be determined on a percentage of total body weight lost. Register for the Great Weight-Off competition by marking “Yes” in the appropriate field in the registration form.

No. Although children under the age of 18 are encouraged to participate in the Mayors’ Fitness Challenge, they are not eligible to be part of the Great Weight-Off competition.

There are 2 winner categories: The man who loses the largest percent of body weight and the woman who loses the largest percent of body weight. Each winner will receive a cash prize of $500.

Initial weigh-ins will be held at Health First facilities or at our kick-off event.

There will be two weigh-ins, the initial weigh-in and the final weigh-in. The final weigh-in will be held at the same locations. The last date to weigh-in before the Awards Ceremony will be in March.

That’s fine. The bigger goal is about being healthy and improving your well-being. The competition aspect is for folks who are motivated by friendly competition. If that’s not you, great!