Connect with the Indialantic Community

Imagine being able to get the attention of local residents interested in their health and well-being.

  • Generate in-store visits or website visits
  • Maintain top-of-mind awareness about your products and services
  • Create more goodwill within our community


All these benefits are valuable in growing your business while connecting with members on Team Indialantic.

You can be added to our website on the appropriate page(s). You can be mentioned in direct emails we send to members of Team indialantic.

If you have questions, jump to the FAQs below.


How do you want to be involved?


Contact Loren by clicking the button an fill out the contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses

No. Their information is private. We will send regular emails and your involvement can be listed therein. If teammates come to your store or directly contact you, that’s up to them.

Two ways. First, if they have their 2022 t-shirt then you know they signed up. Some people may sign up after the t-shirt cut-off. In that case, you may rely on the honor system or call Loren to verify that a person is signed up (a yes/no answer will be given).

Whatever you think is compelling, relevant and beneficial to your ideal customer. For example, you could offer a discount on a product or service. A free class. Reduced cost during the eight week fitness challenge.

Yes. We reserve the right to resize logos or not use them if it causes issues with email formatting. Images in JPG or PNG formats will be accepted.

On the website, yes. In emails, no because we limit the number of links to promote higher deliverability to inboxes.

Yes. As the challenge goes on, you may want to become more involved and offer different things to team members based on interest levels.

No. This is a community-wide event and that means including as many businesses as possible.